Updated and just £50 per subject package* or completely free to Exampro subscribers** for 2018/19, Exampro’s Mark Entry and Reporting Technology (MERiT) is designed to work with existing AQA papers to give you comprehensive feedback about your students’ performance throughout the year.

This allows you to:

  • Compare your students’ marks with the rest of the population each term
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses: curriculum and AOs
  • Target interventions effectively
  • Gain in-depth analysis of individual and whole-class performance
  • Download reports at year group, class and individual level

Available for English, Maths and Science for multiple papers allowing you unprecedented opportunities to track your students’ progress.

The marks from thousands of students were uploaded last year making the Exampro system the only place you can get accurate information on how well your students are progressing compared to others at the same time.

Coming Soon!

*MERiT GCSE Science, MERiT GCSE English and MERiT GCSE Maths
**Either Exampro GCSE Science Package, GCSE English or GCSE Mathematics

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MERiT is provided by Exampro, a member of the AQA family. Please visit our website exampro.co.uk, to view other products that will help support your students.